Roberta D'Ottavi

Who I am

My psychological activity is oriented according to the recent developments in spiritual psychology, which attribute particular interest and consideration to the body and the effects of therapy based on listening to bodily sensations. I use methods such as Focusing, Autogenic Training, Body Mediation and Coaching Skills, combined with Focusing or in particular cases also with regressive induction.

It is also the dynamics that are expressed during the first sessions, and the interaction that develops with the patient client that provide the indications on the path of best benefit, associated with the Rogersian-style logotherapy, in an integral perspective of the person. In special cases I use regressive hypnosis, to which are added in various degrees aspects related to behavioural and transpersonal therapy

  • Counsellor Supervisor
  • Focusing Trainer and Certification Coordinator, qualified by the Focusing Institute

Roberta proposals for a reconnection and recovery into oneself

Psychological support and other ways of help

Healing occurs by contamination. We change together: the process of identifying those who change also engages those who support them and accompany them in the same direction.
Faced with the emergence of a personal crisis, what matters and becomes crucial is to feel it and decide to dedicate a space to it. In that space, the demand for help was born.
Ignoring yourself, hiding in front of the repetition of negative behaviors, illnesses, tiredness, does not allow you to help yourself or to be able to ask for help.
The wounds of the body, or the pain, and the sufferings, the wounds of the soul are the same thing.
The sessions take place in presence in the first meetings, and subsequently they can also take place via Skype and Zoom
Each mode of support can benefit from being integrated by another.

The help relationship

The helping relationship is the best way for an authentic, real and stable change to take place on a psychic level, by removing the unconscious mechanisms and demystifying ego fictions, in involving the spiritual sphere, by unveiling the meanings that transcend change.

Via Skype or Zoom or in presence.


Focusing is in practice, self-exploration through the sensations that the body transmits. Significant sensations, not necessarily physical pain. With the help of the therapist you learn to put yourself in an empathic listening attitude, and you get in touch with the experience and experience that are found in the body, you understand how it is living deeply, and in a way that is not really suspected, a situation, a relationship, a difficulty.

Via Skype or Zoom or in presence.

Individual and group experiential meetings

Further therapeutic approach are meditation, and other forms of transformative evolution like regressive hypnosis, visualization and attunement oriented to the development of artistic expression, against trauma, depression, addictions and other mental disorders related.

Via Skype or Zoom or in presence.

Change groups

Compassion, empathy and mindfulness unite the participants of the group. They offer those present through the energy that deepens in the group, the opportunity to connect with themselves by taking advantage of listening to others, managing to freely bring out anxieties, fears, anxieties, blocks and doubts to get rid of them knowing that they can count on complicity, on affection, participatory attention and without judgment.
Via Skype or Zoom or in presence.

Becoming a certified Focusing trainer

A path towards reaching out competence and capacity in dealing with Focusing as a method with multi varied applications.
I can offer an individual course stepping forwards becoming Focusing Trainer, an important and worldwide recognized role of aid and of valuable competence to be applied in any field of psychology, psychiatry, medicine in general, Counselling, schooling and educational related items, disability and coaching.
At the end of the course you become part of the Focusing community around the world, your role and activity being certified by the Institute, and can carry out your activity which will be listed in the Focusing database and website.

More:, the website of the  Focusing international institute based in New York


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